Adirondack Park Agency (APA)

Our Firm has represented private landowners in the Adirondacks since the enactment of the Adirondack Park Agency Act in the early 1970’s. Our attorneys have a thorough familiarity and extensive experience with the Adirondack Park Agency Act and its rules and regulations, such as the Wild, Scenic and Recreational River Regulations, Freshwater Wetlands Regulations and Shoreline Restrictions. We provide counsel on the APA law and its rules and regulations for developers, land owners, timber management companies and professionals such as surveyors, engineers and other attorneys.

We have submitted Jurisdictional Inquiry Forms (JIF forms), Minor and Major Permit Applications, attended public hearings on behalf of our clients and successfully obtained Non-Jurisdictional Determination letters (NJ letters) and APA permits for complex projects in the Adirondacks. We regularly negotiate terms and conditions provided in proposed APA permits as well as negotiate Settlement Agreements between landowners and the Agency due to APA claimed violations. Our attorneys have also successfully litigated decisions made and actions takenby the APA in Supreme Court utilizing the Article 78 proceeding process.


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