3 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Millions of Americans are treated for unintended injuries annually. Often, these injuries occur because of issues such as work-related falls and car accidents. When faced with such injuries, seeking legal expertise is imperative.

Ideally, you will have several lawyers to choose from in your location. Finding the right lawyer for the job calls for consultations. These consultations will help you gather all the relevant information to determine whether the lawyer is experienced enough to handle your case.

Below are important questions to ask your personal injury attorney before hiring them.

What is your legal background?

For starters, you need to establish whether your lawyer has enough experience in your area of interest. You want to be sure that you will be hiring someone knowledgeable about personal injury claims. At McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, we have a team of experienced attorneys in personal injury. We strive to deliver in all aspects related to the case that you might be involved in.

What fees are involved in hiring a lawyer?

It’s also important to know more about the fees involved in hiring a lawyer. In most cases, a lawyer will work with you on a contingent basis. Here, a lawyer will take a cut of the settlement you get from your case.

The only way to get accurate information about the fees involved in the hiring process is to consult with your preferred lawyer. First, get to know more about their experience before asking how much you are expected to pay.

Luckily, at McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, we offer a free initial consultation service to determine the facts of the case. Once we agree to work with you, we will offer our legal services on a contingent fee basis.

What is your case worth?

Part of the preparation process requires knowing how much your case is worth, depending on the extent of your injuries and damage caused.

Whether you or your loved one is involved in a personal injury-related case, you can simply submit a case review form. The details provided in this form will help our legal team know how much your case is worth.

Rushing through the lawyer selection process is a big mistake. It’s important to do your homework before making any decisions that might affect you and your loved ones. At McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum, we know how challenging it is to find a reputable lawyer. For that reason, we are dedicated to providing you with the legal expertise you need, when you need it.


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