5 Reasons To Hire a Will Attorney

will attorney Nowadays, there are a vast amount of resources available to assist you in writing a will, including videos, blogs, templates, and more. However, a will is not only to divide up your assets; it is to ensure your wishes are respected and remove stress from your family during a difficult and uncertain time. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you work alongside a professional will attorney when it comes time for you to compose your will.

Why Should You Hire a Will Attorney?

Ensure It Is Legally Bound

It is possible to write a will on your behalf, without an attorney, that will be legally binding. However, it is difficult to be sure that it will stand up in court without speaking with an attorney. The statutes that govern probates are different from state to state, and the templates or information you are following must be up-to-date. It’s safer to ensure it’s legally bound by bringing it to an attorney to review it with you.

Assistance With All Family Dynamics

If you have a large family, have been married before, or have children with a different partner other than your spouse, a will can get slightly more complicated. A will lawyer can ensure each person is included and considered, and create a will that is best for your situation.

Address Multiple Parts of Your Estate

While your assets are certainly a large part of your will, there are many different requests you can put forth in your will. You can appoint a guardian for your children, make donations to a charity in your name, and more.

They Can Assist You With Updates

Many prepare their will early in life, so there are likely to be updates along the way as you acquire more assets or situations change.

Protect Your Interests

A will attorney and a will can also guard your interests. It’s important in the event of your passing, such as what you would like to be done with your remains, any information you would like to leave for family or friends, and more. It may also include important documents such as a healthcare power of attorney to grant someone the authority to make decisions about your medical care in the event of an accident.

Consult With a Will Attorney

Speak with one of the knowledgeable and experienced will attorneys in Chestertown, NY, at McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP today by calling (518) 792-1174 or visiting www.mfcllp.com. They also have convenient locations in Miami, FL, and Glens Falls, NY.


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