5 Things to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury cases exist to provide an injured victim a means of pursuing compensation and justice from the party who caused their injuries. Here are 5 things to know about personal injury:

  1. It can arise from many different types of accidents. Personal injury encompasses much more than car accidents. Cases may be filed over injuries suffered on the job, or injuries caused by defective products or dangerous medications. Other potential causes include nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, and injuries caused by dangerous premises.
  2. Having an experienced injury attorney on your side matters. Sometimes, an injury victim is tempted to try to resolve the claim on their own. Doing so could equate to losing out on money. In general, courts and mediators are more likely to take a claim seriously if it is represented by a qualified attorney who understands the negotiations and understands what their client is owed.
  3. There’s no way to predetermine if or how much compensation will be awarded. Unfortunately, compensation in a personal injury case cannot be guaranteed. Our attorneys will tirelessly pursue the best possible outcome to your claim, but there is no way to predetermine what a successful award may be valued at. We can provide you with an idea of what we think you are owed based on your medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  4. You shouldn’t necessarily take the first settlement offer. Insurance companies have a financial interest in settling claims as cheaply as possible. Our experienced attorneys review any initial settlement offers to determine if they are adequate.
  5. It may take some time to resolve the claim. We completely understand that, as an injured victim, you probably want to close out this case and move on. We take that priority to heart, but we are also determined to pursue cases in the most strategic way possible, which may take some time. Rely on us to keep you informed of the progress of your case every step of the way.

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