How Do I Get Paid After a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

As you have probably guessed, when a crash involves more than two vehicles, it adds layers of complexity to your insurance claim. Insurance companies strive, above all else, to get out of paying and a multi-vehicle crash leads to lots of finger-pointing. It may not be clear who caused the accident and there may be multiple drivers to blame for the injuries.

Regardless of who caused what, you need to get paid for your injuries, and you need an attorney who knows how to deal with these complicated accidents and has the resources to investigate properly and thoroughly. The experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys of McPhillips Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, are here for you.

Multiple Victims and Multiple Drivers

Determining who is to blame for your injuries is no simple matter. The driver who is to blame for starting the chain of events may not be the only driver to blame for causing your injuries. In a multicar pileup, it can be impossible for drivers to react in time to stop, but a distracted or speeding driver who could have stopped if not for their negligent behavior, or could have slowed down considerably causing less damage, may be held liable for the injuries they caused or contributed to.

Law enforcement officers who arrive on the scene are not always able to determine what really happened, and even if they think they have it figured out, they may be wrong. Multi vehicle accidents require extensive investigation by experienced accident reconstruction experts and investigators. The investigators hired by the insurance companies have one goal, to find a way to blame drivers not covered by the company they are working for.

You need an experienced accident attorney on your side. To learn more about how McPhillips Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, can help you recover full and fair compensation for your multi vehicle accident injuries, call us today or email us and schedule your free initial consultation.


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