Signs You May be Sharing the Road with a Distracted Driver

To maintain road safety, it’s crucial that those behind the wheel focus solely on just driving. Sadly, most people are always distracted on the road, which puts you and your passengers at risk. The following are subtle signs that indicate you might be sharing the road with a distracted driver.

Inconsistent speed

When a driver has their attention on something else, they might speed up suddenly or slow down abruptly. You should be wary of such inconsistencies and keep a safe distance.


It’s common to find a distracted driver drifting over the centerline. Watch out for this sign, as it could be an indication that a driver isn’t focused on the road.

Looking down while driving

A driver that has their face down while driving might be distracted by their smartphones or something else.

Eating or drinking

While there is nothing wrong with eating or drinking while driving, these can cause many distractions. Besides taking their hands off the wheel, drivers who engage in these behaviors can find themselves distracted when wrappers fall or spill drinks on themselves.

Large gestures

Engaging conversations in the car can prevent a driver from fully focusing on the road. A driver making large gestures could indicate that they are more focused on the conversation instead of keeping their eyes on the road.

Illuminated faces during the night

Dealing with a distracted driver at night is even more dangerous than during the day. The light from a phone on their faces can indicate that a driver is using a phone while driving. This means they are not fully focused on the road.

Sharing the road with a distracted driver is risky. Besides putting you in danger, it also puts your loved ones in danger since there is a high risk of getting into an accident. You might be cautious around these drivers, but the chances of getting into an accident are still high. 

At McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum, we take such cases seriously, and we provide our undivided attention to protecting your rights by holding distracted drivers liable.


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