The Ins and Outs of Why You May Need a Construction Attorney


Construction on any level involves different processes and various legal agreements. Even if it’s simply having some renovations done to your home or property, there is a level of expectation for how things will get done and to what quality they will be accomplished. Defective construction or a breach of a commercial construction contract can lead to numerous issues that suddenly you or your company need to deal with. It is in these moments that you should consider getting a construction law attorney involved. Continue reading to find out more.

Small-Scale Construction

Small-scale construction involves work being done on a single property that is typically no more than a one or two-family home. These cases can involve defective work, lack of payment, or incompletion of agreed-upon services. It is crucial to have an outside party review the agreement documents of the build and to gauge whether or not the results are what was agreed upon. This can ensure that appropriate payment for the build, or correction of the build, comes out of the appropriate pockets.

Commercial-Level Construction

All commercial-level construction involves contracts depicting the task to be completed, the timeframe in which it needs to be completed, and how payment will be given based on those prior two factors. Whether you need us at the beginning to review a contract, or you feel it has been breached and want to pursue legal action, we can help.

Injuries and Mishaps

There are a lot of moving parts, heavy machinery, and potentially dangerous environments in the construction field. Accidents happen, and so does negligence. In either case, if you feel you deserve compensation for an injury or want to know if you do, we can help navigate the situation and see if a case can be made in your favor.

There are many other factors involving construction in which you may need help from a law office like McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP in Glen Falls, NY. These are just a few common situations that we typically get involved with. If you’d like to know more or feel we can help your situation, give us a call at 518-792-1174.


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