Will Pre-existing Injuries Affect My Car Accident Claim?

Pre-existing injuries are just a fact of life for many people who then happen to be injured in a car accident. These are injuries that you already had, in the same area of the body and often the same type of injury you sustained in the accident, or even the same injury made worse by the accident. Insurance companies love them because they love to exploit them to get out of paying. They try to claim that you re lying and the injury was not caused or made worse by the accident, and they will often try to convince you that it is simply not possible to recover compensation if you have pre-existing injuries. Don’t fall for their tricks. Talk to the experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys of McPhillips Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, today.

Be Honest with Your Attorney

You can recover compensation for your injuries, even if you had a pre-existing injury. The fact that you already had an injury does not relieve the negligent driver of their responsibility if the accident they caused caused you further injury or aggravated an old condition that had improved or healed. Too many accident victims fear it will hurt their case and try to keep it a secret, even from their own attorneys.

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney knows how to deal with pre-existing injuries, but only if they know the truth. Your opponent will find out, and your attorney needs to be prepared to prove that the injuries you are seeking compensation for were caused by the accident. The only way to do that is to gather all the information on your pre-existing injury, including the medical records that can be used to differentiate the old injury or severity of the injury from the injuries you experienced in the crash.

Do not get cheated out of fair compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident in New York or Florida, and have pre-existing injuries, McPhillips Fitzgerald & Cullum LLP, can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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