Knowing Your Rights As a Tenant

If you are currently renting a residency, there are rights that you have as a tenant. These rights are called “Renters’ Rights.” They include laws that are designed to protect you as a tenant from being discriminated against or taken advantage of and ensure the place you are renting is safe and clean. 

Your Right to Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act states that a landlord cannot reject your application based on your religion, race, skin color, sex, age, disability, family status, or natural origin. Additionally, if you have a disability, the landlord must make accommodations for you, like renting you a unit on the ground floor if possible. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that if your renter’s application is denied because of your credit report, the landlord must tell you and let you know that you can formally request in writing what was on your credit report. 

Your Right to a Safe Home

As a tenant, your landlord can only rent you an apartment, home, or condo if it is livable. The residence must have water, electricity, and heat. Your landlord is responsible for ensuring that the unit is safe to live in and repairs are made as necessary.

Another important tenant-right is that your landlord must provide you with privacy. This means they cannot enter your home without giving you proper notice. Each state has different laws about how far in advance your landlord must provide before entering your home.

Security Deposit Rights

If you have rented before, you probably know that most landlords require a security deposit just in case you cause any damage to the property while you are living there. When stating the deposit required, landlords must give all renters the same amount (unless there is a specific reason, like a pet) and not treat another renter differently. If the landlord is attempting to keep your security deposit after you move out because of damages, they must give you a written notice stating the damages and what they used the deposit for if you ask. 

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